Climate Challenge — Nidal Hilal

NYUAD’s Water Research Center aims to promote innovative research in water desalination, wastewater treatment, environmental policy, and social issues that can lead to water security and sustainability.

Nidal Hilal, the center’s director, has been delving into ways to make water more sustainable by focusing on innovative desalination techniques, water reuse, and water harvesting. Hilal’s work at the center deploys advanced membrane technology using nanomaterials to enhance the energy efficiency of desalination.

Driven by the need for localized solutions, Hilal tailors membranes are better suited for the harsh conditions of the Arabian Gulf. Hilal is confident that COP28 this year will further raise attention to water, catalyze action, and build partnerships to achieve international water goals.

Our great-grandfather’s water consumption was minuscule compared to yours and your children’s. On top of that, modern industries need water and growing populations need food, which uses lots of water. For this demand, we need to tap into conventional and unconventional technologies, to find ways of producing freshwater. Water is essential for all aspects of life. Who has the water owns the future.

Nidal Hilal, Director of NYUAD’s Water Research Center