AngelHack Unites Young Innovators

A student works on her laptop.

An app to maximize fitness was the grand prize winner at Abu Dhabi's first-ever AngelHack coding competition held at the NYUAD campus September 4-6.

FitData would pull statistics from gym machines and personal training sessions then share the data between gyms, clients and equipment manufacturers to improve equipment efficiency and boost the overall quality of a workout.

"FitData could have so much potential," said developer and NYU Abu Dhabi junior Xiao Lu. "It has the ability to bring the fitness industry to a state of higher efficiency and interconnectedness."

Lu's hackathon teammates, Yuhui Dai, Mark Surnin, and Ming Yu, are also NYUAD students.

AngelHack, an international coding competition aimed at turning ‘thoughts into things’ was organized by NYUAD's IDEA Lab and attracted more than 70 programmers, as well as mentors and startup entrepreneurs in the region. Participants had 24 hours to transform a unique idea into a web or mobile-based app.

The winners were awarded the competition’s grand prize: an invitation to participate in AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program, and a trip to Silicon Valley to showcase the idea to entrepreneurs.

"Our goal with the IDEA Lab is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship at NYU Abu Dhabi and in the wider UAE community so we can build a thriving startup ecosystem," said NYUAD's Prabodh Panindre, engineering faculty. "This event was an important step toward that goal.”

Other noteworthy apps from AngelHack:

Spykiller: Multi-platform and affordable anti-virus software developed by 12-year-old hacker Ralph Vreman.

FlexName: Uses advanced data mining to help find a contact in your database even if you do not have the proper spelling.

Project B: Creates a special birthday experience by combining birthday videos and gifts from friends.

CareemPlus: Adds special features to an existing car sharing app.

E-purpose: Helps users find purpose in life.

Inception: Platform for entrepreneurial ideas and support.