NYU Abu Dhabi's Top Ten Innovations of 2015

Martin Slosarik (Class of 2015) sends NYUAD's award-winning Wadi Drone into flight in a desert region near Abu Dhabi.

2015 is the Year of Innovation not only in the United Arab Emirates but also here at NYU Abu Dhabi. This year, many students and researchers alike have earned international attention for a range of groundbreaking and even life-protecting inventions.

1. Desert-flying drone to protect UAE rangers

Wadi Drone allows UAE rangers to gather images of wildlife from remote cameras around the desert without having to expose themselves to the harsh desert conditions.

2. Hackers create mobile health monitoring system for workers

The wearable device warns workers if they are dehydrated or getting too much sun and sends health data reports to governments or third parties.

3. Mosquito killing device wins international prize

It's an invention that could quell the spread of deadly mosquito-borne illnesses.

4. Interactive haptics tool helps people learn to write Arabic

Devices like these may help improve instruction in the future.

5. Researchers develop microprocessor to thwart criminal activity

The goal is to create a new type of secure microprocessor that will guard against reverse engineering, tampering, counterfeiting and overproduction, and intellectual property piracy.

6. Instructors publish first-ever Emirati Arabic textbook

Ramsah, which means "talk" in Emirati Arabic, is a resource for educators and students in the UAE and beyond.

7. Cell phone data collection system reaches areas plagued by violence

High-quality information about what happens on the ground during war is difficult to collect. This system may solve that problem.

8. Arabic Collections Online

A collection of digital books in Arabic that doesn't exist anywhere else.

9. Students draw up first-ever business plan for UAE national park

“For the students this was an opportunity to help establish a model for a socially conscious, self-sustaining park that could lead the rest of the world."

10. Collaboration of scientists launch world's most sensitive tool to find dark matter

XENON1T will be the most sensitive dark matter experiment in the world. NYU Abu Dhabi is a key partner.

Scientists work with the XENON 1T device located in a special physics lab deep underneath a mountain in central Italy. It is the world's most sensitive tool to find dark matter. NYUAD is a collaborating institution on the experiment.