Science on Saadiyat: February 15-21, 2015

Science on Saadiyat graphic

Science on Saadiyat, a series of science-related public programs opens on NYU Abu Dhabi today.

The weeklong program features renowned professionals and industry leaders from across the world.

From February 15-17, "Coral Reefs of Arabia: Exploring New Insights and Opportunities on Our Regional Reef" will explore topics related to the region's unique but understudied coral reef ecosystems.

On February 17, Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman will hold an evening lecture titled "The Original Rush Hour: How Cells Export Proteins and Small RNAs," and discuss how the mechanics behind vesicle transport within human cells can benefit modern medicine.

Science on Saadiyat will conclude with a three-day science film festival from February 19-21 entitled "Imagine Science Abu Dhabi: Where Science Meets Art and Becomes Culture." Besides screening three feature films and thirty-five short films, the film festival also feature a science art gallery exhibition and educational workshops.