Finding Green Solutions: Sila Connection Abu Dhabi 2014

Sila Abu Dhabi is a student-led conference that brings together Abu Dhabi-based university students to explore local issues and instigate change.

With an expert panel of advisers, judges, and professionals, the winning team of this year’s Sila Connection Abu Dhabi was able to create a project for the American Community School that would positively impact the learning environment as well as the students overall wellbeing.

The solution involved teaching students the mechanism of making non-toxic, biodegradable liquid soaps for hygiene, educational, and environmental purposes. By implementing their project, the winning team hopes to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment and the harmful chemicals that students come in contact with through the use of regular soaps.

"With the help of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute and the dedication of our organizing board comprising of members from universities all across Abu Dhabi, Sila Connection Abu Dhabi 2014 will go down as another successful event in Sila’s history. It was an incredible experience to witness people from a variety of backgrounds come together with the common goal of finding green solutions for the American Community School of Abu Dhabi."

Photos by Koh Terai