NYUAD's Core Technology Platforms

New York University Abu Dhabi Campus

NYU Abu Dhabi has dedicated significant resources to developing one of the premier science and engineering research laboratories in the region. An integral component of the laboratories are the Core Technology Platforms (CTPs), which are shared facilities that support research activities across disciplines. Each CTP consists of a suite of research-grade equipment and is defined by the type of research it facilitates. The CTPs will continue to evolve and develop as new technology is added and new areas of research are conducted at NYUAD.

CTPs are overseen by directors who lead their development and management and liaise with faculty and researchers about current and future research requirements. Support is provided by a team of highly qualified specialists who maintain and upgrade the equipment, define standards for operational performance, and provide service across the CTPs.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Spectroscopy
The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Spectroscopy CTP hosts a variety of research-grade analytical instruments that perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical compounds based on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter.

Analytical and Materials Characterization
The Analytical and Materials Characterization CTP aids in the investigation of the characteristics, properties, structures, and performance of materials from the level of the millimeter to the micrometer to the angstrom.

Light Microscopy
The Light Microscopy CTP is equipped with devices that facilitate the viewing and imaging of both the surface and depth of live neurons and other living tissue. Equipment in this CTP can be used to obtain high-resolution images of fluorescent samples at specific depths and can produce scans of moving neurons at up to 428 frames per second.

Researchers in genomics and systems biology utilize the Sequencing CTP to investigate the arrangement of nucleotides in DNA. Equipment in this CTP facilitates human genome, RNA, and gene sequencing, and can be used to sequence a whole human genome in a day.

High-throughput Screening
The High-throughput Screening CTP is used by biologists and chemists to automate tests using biological and chemical materials. This technology is used in drug discovery, toxicity studies, and cell biology research and allows researchers to quickly automate the production of millions of chemical and biological tests.

Molecular Biology and Cell Culture Facility
The Molecular Biology and Cell Culture Facility aids in the cloning and sub-cloning of genes into different vectors, the creation of proteins that are used in biotechnology research, and the biophysical and biochemical structural characterization of different macromolecules.

The Micro-fabrication CTP is used for systems in biosensing, energy conversion, and human health. Utilizing spin coating, mask and bond aligning, reactive ion etching, and vacuum evaporator techniques, this CTP helps researchers to produce micro- and nano-materials in a class 1,000 cleanroom environment.

Advanced Manufacturing and Electronics
The Advanced Manufacturing and Electronics CTP supports researchers with the custom design and manufacturing of parts and equipment by utilizing both additive (3D printing) and reductive (CNC) techniques. The five-axis computed tomography (CT) system can scan objects of up to 24 inches for accurate reproduction.

Brain Imaging
Research in the Brain Imaging CTP utilizes magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the brain as it responds to a variety of stimuli. Currently, this CTP is being used to study the way natural language is processed by the brain.

This article originally appeared in NYUAD's 2013-14 Research Report (13MB PDF).