NYUAD Welcomes Leading Chemistry Professor

Panče Naumov, a leading chemistry academic, has joined NYUAD as an associate professor of chemistry. Previously an associate professor at Osaka University in Japan, Naumov has participated in a number of leading academic research projects in the field of structural chemistry, and most recently has been involved in a project with the potential — through the control of light emission from solid-state materials — to significantly improve the capacity and sensitivity of sensor technology. He also co-authored the research paper, "Making the Golden Connection: Reversible Mechanochemical and Vapochemical Switching of Luminescence from Bimetallic Gold―Silver Clusters Associated through Aurophilic Interactions," which was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

As NYUAD Provost Fabio Piano said, "As the 'World's Honors College' it has been of immense importance for NYUAD to establish an exceptional faculty body consisting of professors with both impressive teaching and research credentials. As we continue to grow in our research capabilities, NYUAD is increasingly playing a role in making Abu Dhabi a global center for thought leadership and cutting-edge research."

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