NYU and Paris School of Economics Announce Global Partnership

Seine in Paris with the Eiffel tower.

In an agreement that will bring together two of the world's leading economic faculties, NYU and the Paris School of Economics (PSE) have announced a global partnership. "Part of the paradigm shift guiding NYU's global expansion," according to NYU Provost David McLaughlin, the alliance will create a faculty exchange program between the two institutions, which will facilitate faculty and research collaboration, and bring members of the PSE faculty to teach in NYU's global network, beginning with NYU Abu Dhabi this fall.

"NYU is, first and foremost, a research university, but of course, this partnership isn't solely about research," McLaughlin said. "Our students at NYU Abu Dhabi already have the opportunity to learn from some of the world's leading scholars. And beginning this fall, their already remarkable faculty cohort will grow even more impressive with the arrival of faculty from the Paris School of Economics."

In addition to NYUAD students learning from some of the field's leading minds — in Abu Dhabi, PSE faculty will teach both individually and jointly with NYU faculty — the partnership will allow for sponsored research visits, enabling faculty to move between NYUNY, NYUAD, and the Paris School of Economics to work on collaborative research.

The two institutions "share a common vision for developing an integrated worldwide network of research and teaching in economics," said PSE Director François Bourguignon. "We are really proud to work hand-in-hand with NYU to push the knowledge frontier and to give a cutting-edge economics training to the next generation of global leaders."