NYUAD and NYU Students to Perform Together, 7,000 Miles Apart

Technology can really make the world feel small. And for NYUAD and NYU students taking part in the ResoNations Education Session — a component of the Innovation Talks Symposium III at the United Nations Headquarters — physical distance will all but disappear as they perform together during a master class, despite being 7,000 miles apart.

Using emerging telematic music technology, which allows for real-time performances by musicians in different geographic locations, the students will perform original compositions via high-bandwidth Internet and high-definition video. "Telematic music is unique for its technological component," said cellist Charlotte Wang (NYUAD '14). "There are always the issues of time delay and Internet connectivity that we have to deal with, but this just means that we'll have to be watching and listening to each other even more closely than if we were all in the same room — this factors greatly into the improvisatory nature of our project."

Part of a two-day symposium, "Real-Time Interaction via Internet Technologies: Meeting Development Goals, Enhancing Potentialities and Implementing Access," the master class will take place on December 2.

"We're leaving a great deal of the performance to improvisation, which is precarious and causes me some anxiety, but is also really exciting!" said Wang. "Seeing the pieces of music we've all submitted has made the whole thing feel more feasible. I'm extremely excited to put it all together, and to see what the final product is."