Ballon Open Doors Days

Ballon Open Doors Days — A Week of Pedagogical Sharing

The Hilary Ballon Center for Teaching and Learning is thrilled to announce an exciting initiative: “Ballon Open Doors Days.”

Scheduled for Week 5, February 19- 23, 2024. This week-long initiative will provide participating faculty the opportunity to join other faculty’s classrooms and gain insights into different interdisciplinary perspectives and teaching techniques. Volunteer to open your classroom doors to a small group of colleagues, or visit a classroom.

What Are Ballon Open Doors Days? 

This classroom cross-visit week is an opportunity to facilitate an enriching exchange of pedagogical techniques and foster interdepartmental connections through classroom lab, and arts workshop visits.

Faculty members will be “Hosts,” and open their classroom doors during Week 5 of the Spring 2024 semester, allowing participants, “Visitors” to observe first-hand how other Hosts engage students and deploy classroom teaching techniques. In addition, visitors get to see how faculty approach topics outside of their own discipline. Visitors should then reflect on what sparked their interest, their key takeaways, and any new teaching approaches to try. The collective community engagement will strengthen our teaching and learning communities of practice.

Similar initiatives have been taken at other institutions. Here are two examples for you to explore: Faculty Bulldog Days at Yale University and The Open Classroom at Vanderbilt University.

Who Can Join Ballon Open Doors Days? 

All faculty are encouraged to participate in this week-long event. You can explore different teaching methods or observe a different teaching context to gain inspiration for your own. 

Observation Norms: This exercise is purely optional, formative, and for the benefit of the visitors. This is not evaluative of the host in any way. Deans and Associate Deans cannot observe within their Division. Faculty should not observe colleagues they may be considering for tenure, promotion, or renewal in the future. We encourage colleagues to visit classrooms outside their programs and/or divisions.


Date: February 19-23, 2024


  1. Faculty will be given the opportunity to sign up to open their classroom to a small group (1-5) of colleagues. Campus facilities will ensure additional chairs are available.
  2. Visitors will be able to sign up for a classroom visit via the HBCTL website in early February.
  3. Week 5, spring 2024: Faculty visit each other’s classrooms.
  4. Week 6, spring 2024: Thank you Reception for all participants.
  5. Week 6, spring 2024: Optional reflection lunches will be hosted in the HBCTL to discuss broader observations, trends, and innovative teaching techniques that faculty want to try in their own classroom context

We are actively seeking "Hosts" who will open their classroom doors to "Visitors". If you are interested in participating in this capacity, please complete this form by February 5, 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ballon Open Doors Days!