Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Time Session
10am Opening
10:05am Official Salutation by Mohammed Al Qasim, Director of Technology Development and Adoption, Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology
10:15am Rolf Heuer
President of the SESAME Council
10:25am SESAME: a Regional Research Opportunity
Andrea Lausi
Scientific Director of SESAME
10:45am Opportunities for X-ray Diffraction Using Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Research at NYU Abu Dhabi
Panče Naumov 
Professor in Chemistry, NYUAD
11:05am SESAME MS Beamline for X-ray Powder Diffraction Applications
Mahmoud Abdellatief
MS Principal Beamline Scientist, SESAME
11:25am Research Topics Facilitated by Synchrotron Data, Especially SESAME and the Application Possibilities in Cultural Heritage Investigation
Liang Li
Assistant Professor in Physics, SUAD
11:45am Synchrotron-based XAFS and XRF Techniques at SESAME
Messaoud Harfouche
XAFS/XRF Principal beamline scientist, SESAME
12:05pm Structural Studies of Covalent Organic Framework Using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
Ali Trabolsi
Professor in Chemistry, NYUAD
12:25pm Coffee Break and Group Photo
12:35pm SESAME Infrared Beamline: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Opportunities
Gihan Kamel
IR Principal Beamline Scientist, SESAME
12:55pm Catalysis and Separations in the Energy Sector: Unveiling Catalysts’ Secrets Using Synchrotron Light
Kyriaki Polychronopoulou
Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Director of CeCaS (Center for Catalysis and Separations), KU
1:15pm BEATS, the BEAmline for Tomography at SESAME
Gianluca Iori
BEATS Project Responsible, SESAME
1:35pm Engineering Heterostructures of Two-dimensional Materials
Kin Liao
Professor of  Aerospace Engineering, KU
1:55pm Progress and Forthcoming Steps of the Soft X-rays Beamline HESEB
Mustafa Fatih Genisel
HESEB Project Responsible, SESAME
2:15pm Discussion — Q&A Session
Andrea Lausi
2:30pm Conclusion
Andrea Lausi