Peng Liu

My time at NYUAD was about exploration, learning from the various people I met and the experiences I had, which ultimately led to growth in how I understand the world and allowed me to act with the end in mind regarding the kind of person I ultimately want to become.

I am incredibly fortunate to have found a group of beloved friends here. Despite us coming from various cultural backgrounds, our shared traits brought us together at NYUAD, and our unique explorations and pursuits of life made us deeply appreciate, cherish, and encourage each other.

We have shared many experiences, from having a great time doing outdoor sports to late-night discussions about future life, attending lectures by senior World Bank experts to understand how real international aid projects work, and deeply engaging with top executives from leading funds. 

Participating in COP28, where we met over thirty presidents in one day, and volunteering at the United Nations through school initiatives, made me realize that those who impact the world are not far from us.

Subsequently, I represented NYUAD at the Raisina Dialogue in India, adopting a global perspective on the connections between countries, and contemplated cooperation strategies with different regions as a delegate in the UAE's climate ambassador program. 

These unforgettable people and events have given me the courage to dream big and explore more possibilities in the future. The knowledge I've gained is no longer just formulas and theorems from textbooks, but an integration and reflection on real-world issues, along with a budding determination to make even a small change in the world. 

I am thankful for NYUAD and everyone I've met on this journey. I also wish for everyone to find their passion and use their intelligence, courage, and perseverance to slightly push the world forward.