Nicolaj Thor

Nicolaj Thor, Class of 2019

I now feel more ready to take on my own initiatives and create innovative products

I spent my summer interning for Whiteshield Partners in Dubai, where I was able to apply my past experience from interning with Deloitte to support the government and public sector in the UAE.

I would start my days by following up with partners on different projects and responding to questions from clients, advisors, and colleagues. From there, the work varied on a daily basis; from meetings to quantitative analyses and research to drafting presentations. 

I have always had an interest in strategy consulting and public policy. Working as an associate at Whiteshield Partners gave me the opportunity to apply consulting techniques and knowledge to urgent public policy challenges.

Nicolaj Thor, Class of 2019

It was energizing for me to work with small teams and think critically to solve problems that would have a direct impact on society and the economy.

This experience greatly inspired and empowered me to design and lead projects on my own.

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