Milena Baghdasaryan

By Malak Abdel-Ghaffar

To Milena Baghdasaryan, Class of 2023, traveling, writing, and learning new languages is what keeps life going. As a Film and New Media major, Baghdasaryan loves seeking new adventures and finding new stories. Taking advantage of NYUAD’s liberal arts curriculum, Baghdasaryan took classes across multiple majors during her time at NYUAD.

After her freshman year, Baghdasaryan applied for an internship at Super Travel in her home country, Armenia. Super Travel is a tourism company that focuses on showing tourists the beauty of Armenia in an educational, informative, and fun way. As an intern, Baghdasaryan had a variety of duties, including organizing tours, creating content, and producing marketing videos and photos. During her sophomore year, Baghdasaryan continued to work with Super Travel alongside her studies. She was determined to excel in the organization and learn about the industry as much as possible. “My manager was very proud of my work and promoted me to become Head of Marketing for the next summer,” she said

As the Head of Marketing, Baghdasaryan’s duties extend way beyond what she was used to the previous summer. “My professors, experiences, and classes have prepared me to take on and embrace this large responsibility,” said Baghdasaryan. Baghdasaryan mentioned that every day at work is different from the previous days. From designing newsletters and creating social media content to site networking and tour organization, Baghdasaryan has tried it all. “I try to be creative in what I do. It’s easy to give a boring tour of a place, but I try to make it interesting by adding fun elements to it,” she said.

Baghdasaryan advises students to create opportunities for themselves when and if they can’t find the right role out there, especially in the creative industries. “When I couldn’t find publishing opportunities in Armenia, I started my own blog. So, always be proactive!” Baghdasaryan said.

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