Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is dedicated to advocating for the success and well-being of NYU Abu Dhabi's graduate students. Their remit includes liaising with internal governance bodies to ensure that your voices are heard and your needs are met. They work tirelessly to enhance the graduate student experience on campus, addressing academic, social, and personal aspects of graduate student life.


In addition to advocacy work, the GSC is responsible for organizing social events throughout the year. These events are designed to foster community building, provide opportunities for networking, and offer a break from academic routines. From cultural celebrations to recreational outings, these events aim to create a vibrant and inclusive graduate community.


  • Saifeldeen Abed Alrhman (Chair)
  • Alam Saj (Secretary)
  • Devjoy Dev (Communications Lead)
  • Kaushik Sunder (Marketing Lead)
  • Lakshmi Likhitha Mankali (Treasurer)

We encourage you to get involved, share your ideas, and join us in making our campus a better place for all graduate students. Welcome to a supportive and dynamic community!