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Give back to your alma mater by becoming an Alumni Ambassador!

The NYUAD Alumni Ambassador program is an initiative to recruit volunteers from the NYUAD alumni community to support global initiatives and NYUAD-specific needs.

Alumni Ambassadorships are voluntary, one-year, renewable positions. There are three ways to get involved: Introduce, Connect, and Support. Choose as many positions as you would like. Each opportunity has different roles, duties, and expected time commitments. All Alumni Ambassadors will be featured on the alumni website.

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Introduce Ambassadors

Introduce ambassadors will be a resource for potential applicants or admitted students, sharing their personal experience of being a student at NYUAD. Alumni in locations without a strong NYUAD presence are especially encouraged to volunteer. The expected time commitment will vary throughout the year based on the admissions cycle. Need will be higher during recruitment in late summer and early fall, and the admitted student decision period in early spring. Introduce Ambassadors will:

  • Communicate with prospective and admitted students as part of alumni outreach. Outreach may include:
    • sending emails or calling admitted or prospective students to introduce themselves as an alumni contact/resource
    • congratulating admitted students on their admission,
    • sharing your NYUAD experience
    • encouraging prospective or admitted students to apply, visit, enroll, etc.
  • Attend college fairs with NYUAD staff to represent NYUAD in their region.
  • Connect with parents and families of prospective and/or admitted students to help them understand life at NYUAD.
  • (Optional) Host a small gathering for admitted students and their parents (depending on the location of admitted students)
  • (Optional) Present NYUAD to students at local high schools
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Connect Ambassadors

Connect Ambassadors are a resource for current students and alumni seeking career-related advice. NYUAD alumni have rich and diverse experiences in their professional journeys that we would like to share with the community. Connect Ambassadors will:

  • Be a resource with whom CDC Advisors can connect students and alumni with similar career interests. While students remain curious year-round, ambassadors can expect peak student inquiries in the beginnings of semesters and during internship recruitment season
  • Develop and write one blog post (300-500 words) sharing a career-related tip or insight, such as how they were accepted into their graduate program, how to network at a conference, tips for transitioning to full-time employment, or how their senior spring break trip shaped their career. Blog development guidance/template will be provided. These insights would be shared for current and future students to better conceptualize possibilities and pathways.
  • (Optional) Host or feature in a CDC panel or Livestream. As the student body grows, the CDC seeks to provide more opportunities for student to student and student to alumni learning. Topics and angles are flexible, depending on trends you observe and student interest. Previous topics have included how to market your liberal arts degree, breaking into investment banking, and the realities of working in international organizations.
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Support Ambassadors

As our alumni community grows, some cities have developed into hubs for NYUAD alumni. Alumni Ambassadors will help organize the local alumni community in these hubs, connect with the local NYU Alumni Association, and serve as points of contact for the NYUAD Alumni Relations office. Alumni Ambassadors will:

  • Organize one or two regional alumni events. Examples of events can be, but are not limited to:
    1. Social — dinner, networking social, movie night, trivia night, etc.
    2. Academic — organize a book club, attend a lecture
    3. Service — volunteer with a local organization, hold a food drive, etc.
    4. Local approach — visit museums, art galleries, festivals, or events in your city
  • Attend and/or support regional NYU alumni events. NYU has a vibrant community of over 500,000 alumni and more than 50 alumni clubs in cities around the world. NYUAD alumni clubs support and enhance the local NYU alumni community.
  • Learn about and support philanthropy at NYUAD through participation in the NYUAD Annual Fund.
  • Serve as a representative of NYUAD to NYU alumni. Examples of representing NYUAD include but are not limited to:
    1. Meet with local alumni club leadership
    2. Share your NYUAD experiences at NYU alumni events
    3. Volunteer with the local NYU alumni club
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