Scholarships for Emirati Students

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarship

In recognition of NYUAD's highly-selective admissions process, and of the important role that the University plays in shaping future world leaders, the Abu Dhabi government provides scholarships to all admitted UAE nationals, and children of an Emirati mother or father, in the form of the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students.

This scholarship is provided for all four years to Emirati Citizens who are pursuing their undergraduate degree at NYUAD.

What is Covered?

Additionally, UAE national students may be eligible for a need-based personal support award (also known as Falcon Dirhams). To be evaluated, a student must file the CSS Profile application and show demonstrated financial need to be eligible for the Falcon Dirhams award.

Submitting the CSS Profile is optional and this application will not impact the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students.

Once your CSS Profile (and your noncustodial parent’s Profile or waiver request, if applicable) is reviewed, NYUAD may request supporting documentation to confirm the information reported.  

If documentation is requested, the information must be submitted right away. NYU uses CollegeBoard's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) to access supporting documentation from students. You should be ready to submit information in English or with an English translation and figures converted into US Dollars. Please do not submit supporting documents unless they are requested.

You can find more information about the CSS Profile process under Apply for Financial Aid