Regional and Local

An important part of an NYU Abu Dhabi education is the discovery of the historic, culturally varied region in which it is located. Fieldwork is a feature of the NYUAD curriculum and enable students to connect their academic studies with on-the-ground exploration of the region. Our location at a global crossroads connects Africa, the Mediterranean, the Arab world, Central Asia, and the Indian Ocean and creates exceptional opportunities for students to combine experiential study, research, and intercultural exploration.

Study trips allow students to deepen their knowledge through first-hand experiences of the societies and issues they are studying at NYUAD. 

Direct encounters intensify learning by adding an experiential dimension that is not possible through reading alone. Led by faculty members, the trips may also draw upon local experts with deep knowledge of the sites and provide students with opportunities for collaborative learning and research activities with local students.


We toured historical sites in Amman, Jordan such as the Citadel, Roman Theatre, Greek Orthodox Church and Mount Nebo. Whether we were bargaining in the souks or floating in the Dead Sea, each time was an opportunity to put our Arabic to good use.

Sue-Ann Lau, spent time studying in Jordan

Study trips are linked to courses, some are connected to community service projects, and others are focused on discovery of the UAE. The trips are generally scheduled during the fall and spring breaks and January Term, although some courses incorporate day and over night field trips during the weekend.

Study trips were organized to the following locations: the seven emirates of the UAE, Cyprus, Ethiopia, India, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Zanzibar.

Day and weekend study trips included visits to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Hydroponic Farm, and Bastakia in Dubai; the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization; and Masdar, Al Wathba Wetlands Reserve, the World Future Energy Summit, and Yas Island mangroves among other sites in Abu Dhabi.