Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Economics at NYU Abu Dhabi students will have achieved the following program learning outcomes:

Critical Thinking

Students can identify and analyze the essentials of a problem logically and independently, taking both economic and ethical aspects into account. They understand advanced micro and macro-economic concepts and can relate them to real-life situations. They can choose and execute modeling strategies and provide guidance to a team of analysts.

Written and Oral Communication

Students can write coherent and accurate analyses of current economic challenges. They have the ability to deliver oral presentations that explain economic concepts, put current questions into a broader context and they know how to defend their economic analysis effectively and accurately. They demonstrate computer literacy in the preparation of reports and presentations and can provide informed guidance towards the choice of appropriate tools and software.

Project Management

Students can work towards solutions with persistence and provide guidance to team members. They manage their own and their team’s time and resources effectively. 

Continuous Learning

Students regularly assess their knowledge in relevant subject areas and know how to acquire, understand, and apply new insights and material.

Computational Capacity

Students have a solid understanding of computer programming and numerical methods necessary to solve relevant economic and statistical problems. They can advise team members on the appropriate choice of computer languages/software packages and algorithms.

Proficiency in Economic Analysis

Students can read and understand published academic and policy research in the major areas of economics. They can relate current economic policy questions to the appropriate theory and have the capacity to collect and analyze relevant data to provide informed theoretical and empirical analyses.

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