MSc in Economics

The Master of Science in Economics at NYU Abu Dhabi encompasses the demanding requirements of modern economic theory and practice.

The program provides graduates with the theoretical and quantitative foundations for a successful career in national and international policymaking institutions, or for continuing PhD studies at the world’s best doctoral programs in economics.

Students will learn to:

  • Collect, analyze, and present economic data using the latest statistical, econometric, and machine learning methods.
  • Assess current social and economic challenges (e.g., the sustainability of a social security system or the impact of a change in the tax code) through the lens of state-of-the-art empirical, theoretical, and computational models.

The master's program builds naturally on an undergraduate major in economics, engineering or mathematics. The program is housed within the Social Science division, leveraging significant teaching and research strengths and drawing on an international faculty and student body. Students will benefit from the intercultural insights, the broadest international challenges, and the nuanced role of economics within the full array of social science methodologies.

Graduate Student Stories

A Master Plan

Graduate student Abir Arabi is building up her economics research experience through the robust academic community at NYU Abu Dhabi.

In the Market of Improving Lives

Just two days after finishing his Master of Science in Economics at NYUAD, Zeyad Dahab got a full-time job as a research assistant at the NYU Center for Technology and Economic Development.

An Intensive and Rewarding Program

Karol Tolpa’s serendipitous discovery of NYUAD’s master’s program which led to his subsequent application became one of the best decisions he has made.

When Talent Recruiters Come Looking for You

On a video call from a busy cafe in London, Anzelika Belotelova isn’t shy to admit this: The economics master’s at NYU Abu Dhabi is among her life’s most challenging accomplishments.