NYUAD Chemical Engineering Labs

Micro- and Nanoscale Bioengineering Lab

The research in the Micro- and Nanoscale Bioengineering Group at NYUAD lies at the interface between biology, physics, and engineering. More specifically, our research is focused on applying microfluidics and nanofluidics to a broad range of bioscience challenges.   

Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory

The Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory (AMML) is working with various aspects of miniaturization and integration in biology, life sciences, and medicine, which includes the conception, engineering, and utilization of novel micro and nanotechnologies to manipulate, stimulate and study biological objects.      

Laboratory for Immuno Bioengineering Research and Applications

LIBRA focuses on the mechanobiology of single immune cells and the implications of microenvironmental cues in downstream immune biology. We are interested in depicting the mechanisms of these signals and further investigate the possibilities of modulating the immune outcome using bioengineering strategies.

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Print and Probe

Mohammad Qasaimeh explains how 3D printers could improve access to technologies essential for scientific discovery.

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