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July 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world we must take great care in monitoring and limiting the transmission such viruses through all possible routes. Whilst the primary transmission routes are through the respiratory system and from touching contaminated surfaces, it must be remembered that this virus affects the whole body, including the digestive system. As such, can potentially spread to the environment through the wastewater system. When combining this fact with its proven ability to be transmitted to some animals this raises the alarming possibility, as yet unconfirmed, that it could be transmitted to wild animals through insufficiently treated wastewater. If this occurs and transmission is possible back to people, this could potentially act as an environmental reservoir of the virus.

Researchers from NYUAD Water Research Center published a paper detailing two ways in which advanced wastewater treatment systems can be utilised as tools for monitoring and stopping the spread of such viruses. The first is through the testing of sewage reaching the treatment plants. Study of biomarkers for the SARS-CoV2 virus, which causes COVID-19, can provide real-time monitoring of the spread of the disease geographically, as system termed Wastewater Based Epidemiology. As the virus is released from the body before symptoms occur, this technique can track the infection in a local population before any cases have been recorded, allowing a faster response to be made.

The second way in which wastewater treatment can help is through the removal of viral particles, preventing their spread to the environment. Different wastewater treatment processes, both conventional and advanced, are described, alongside a discussion of their viral removal efficiencies. Whilst no technique can completely remove all contamination, very high removal rates can be achieved using advanced and multi-step systems.

June 2020

The Osmosis Engineering book (ISBN: 978-0-12-821016-1) by Professor Nidal Hilal et al provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art regarding osmosis based research and industrial/engineering applications. It covers the underpinning theories, technology development and commercial applications, with chapters written by the leading researchers in the relevant fields.

Engineered osmosis (EO) refers to a family of membrane based separation processes, with wide industrial applications, but primarily associated with the production of drinking water from seawater and brackish water, and with the treatment of contaminated and waste water.

Osmosis is the diffusion driven flow of fluid across a semi-permeable membrane, leading to separation of solutes from solvent. EO collectively are processes based on driving solutions through a selective membrane either with or against the osmotic gradient. EO processes is a rapidly moving research which includes both isothermal (Forward Osmosis, FO; Pressure Retarded Osmosis, PRO; Reverse Osmosis, RO; Osmotic Distillation, OD) and non-isothermal (Osmotic Membrane Distillation, OMD; Thermo-osmosis, TO) membrane separation processes used for water and energy production.


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"Osmosis Engineering" by Elsevier {ISBN: 978-0-12-821016-1). September 2020

“Nanofiber membranes for medical, environmental and energy applications” by CRC Press. (ISBN-13: 978-0815387039). August 2019.

“Membrane-based salinity gradient processes for water treatment and power generation” by Elsevier (ISBN 13: 978-0444639615). July 2018

“Membrane Characterization” by Elsevier (ISBN: 9780444627765). April 2017

“Membrane Fabrication” by CRC Press (ISBN: 9781482210453). March 2015

“Boron Separation Processes” by Elsevier (ISBN 13: 9780444634542). February 2015

“Membrane Modification: Technology and Applications” by CRC Press (ISBN-13: 978-1439866351). 2012

“Atomic Force Microscopy and Process Engineering” by Elsevier (ISBN-13: 978-1856175173). 2009.    

  • Selected Publications

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    Mohammed Wali Hakami, Abdullah Alkhudhiri, Sirhan Al-Batty, Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof, Jon Maddy, Nidal Hilal (2020) Ceramic Microfiltration Membranes in Wastewater Treatment: Filtration Behavior, Fouling and Prevention. Membranes 2020, 10, 248. doi:10.3390/membranes10090248

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