• Refereed Journal Publications

    Chen, F., Y. Luo, N. G. Tsoutsos, M. Maniatakos, K. Shahin, and N. Gupta. “Embedding Tracking Codes in Additive Manufactured Parts for Product Authentication”. Advanced Engineering Materials, Vol. 21 (4), 8pp., 2019

  • Refereed Conference Proceedings

    Koko, T.S., Shahin, K., Yuen, B.K., Norwood, M.E., and L. Gilroy. “Composite Propellers for Naval Vessels”. International Conference on Light Weight Design of Marine Structures, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, November, 2015.

  • Refereed Book Chapters

    Gupta, N., Chen, F. and K. Shahin. Design Features to Address Security Challenges in Additive Manufacturing. In Advances in Manufacturing Techniques for Materials: Engineering and Engineered. Ed. Srivatsan, T. S., Taylor & Francis (2017)

Invited Talks

Modeling of Adhesively Bonded Joints in Composite Materials. Second International Conference on Polymer Composites, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India, December, 2018.

Conference Presentations

Shahin, K., Chen, F., and Nikhil Gupta. “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum AlSi10Mg Specimen Manufactured by Selectively Laser Sintering”, Materials Science and Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, October 2016.