Implementation and Progress

Strategic Framework Stages

The strategic framework is positioned at the center of three stages of strategic academic planning

Stage One

Stage one was a broad and inclusive input phase that involved institution-wide engagement through the Transition Working Groups, academic-unit assessments, and the ASTF, as well as discussions facilitated by the Implementation Committee on Race, Diversity, and Belonging.

Stage Two

Stage two is the strategic framework presented here through an updated vision, mission and principles statement and an academic strategy that recommends goals, priorities, and initiatives for NYU Abu Dhabi, as well as an assessment framework for evaluating our progress.

Stage Three

Stage three will unfold in the months and years ahead as this strategic framework will be discussed, amended if needed, and formalized by the NYUAD Executive Committee, and then used on an ongoing basis to inform academic planning and implementation.

Strategic Framework

Workstream Liaison Working Groups & Goals
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Workstream Liaison Working Group
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Workstream Goals

Actions and Progress