Climate Action Plan

NYU Abu Dhabi is on a journey to minimize its environmental impact through a comprehensive Climate Action Plan that outlines how NYUAD is planning to achieve ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Plan enables the University to measure its greenhouse gas emissions and set clear, measurable targets for reduction. Every area of the university is pursuing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching, research, and technological solutions, and provide resources and guidance for establishing a culture of sustainability at NYUAD. 

Carbon Neutrality Goal

Led by the Office for Sustainability and Stewardship in partnership with the Facilities Management team and other departments and offices, NYUAD is committed to achieving the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This action plan, alongside NYUAD’s pledge towards NYU’s Carbon Neutrality goal and the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 strategy, sets rigorous measures in motion and aims to position NYUAD as a leader in the push for carbon neutrality.


We seek to have all community members understand issues surrounding the climate crisis, and how their work can contribute to a more sustainable world. From collaborating to make the NYUAD community more environmentally and socially conscious, to mobilizing students, faculty, and staff to implement sustainable change, we strive to foster a culture of sustainability that is inclusive and forward-thinking.

Mariët Westermann, Vice Chancellor

NYUAD is embarking on a journey of minimizing its impact on the environment.  As we endeavor to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we have set an action plan that clearly outlines our goals and ways to achieve ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and elevate the university into a leader in driving change for sustainability. We invite the community to be part of this journey and transformation.

Antonios Vouloudis, Director of Sustainability and Stewardship

NYUAD’s Carbon Emissions

This chart captures direct emissions from: natural gas, backup generator, and fuel for vehicle use (Scope 1), and purchased electricity, and chilled water (Scope 2).

The 2019 baseline is illustrated in the graph below.

99.6 percent of NYU’s emissions are from energy use in building.

Emission Reduction Strategies

NYUAD has completed a comprehensive audit to evaluate opportunities to achieve carbon neutrality for the campus. The University has committed to identifying, planning, prioritizing, and implementing efficiency projects that will enhance campus buildings’ operations, minimize energy and water use, and improve occupants’ health and performance.

Key highlights from the greenhouse gas reduction priorities include:

  1. Energy efficiency measures that include the installation, upgrade, or replacement of building equipment
  2. Reductions in the carbon footprint of purchased electricity
  3. Behavior-change initiatives, including awareness and sustainable living programs

The Climate Action Plan strengthens the University’s commitment to a livable planet and provides a procedural gauge for sustainability and environmental matters, including strategic direction, institutional policy, research, and education programs.

Measuring Our Impact

NYUAD’s carbon neutrality goal by 2050 is roughly equivalent to planting almost 20,000 acres of mangroves, three times the acreage of Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi.