In 2007, NYU and the Government of Abu Dhabi set out to create an outstanding new liberal arts research university, an institution that would have the highest academic standards, draw in the finest students, and recruit the finest faculty. NYU and its Abu Dhabi partners also established a set of labor standards, built upon UAE law and market-leading practices, designed to ensure that the institution’s commitment would extend to those who were building and maintaining the University’s facilities.

NYU Abu Dhabi's Office of Compliance and Risk Management assists the University, as an international center of scholarship, teaching, and research, to carry out its academic mission with integrity and in accordance with the University’s legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities.

The Office of Social Responsibility creates a comprehensive program of educational and social opportunities for those working at NYUAD.

NYUAD hosts Staff Appreciation Days for contract employees, featuring a celebration of food, fun, and musical entertainment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

NYUAD and its government partner are committed to ensuring fair working and living conditions for employees of service providers and contractors who work at the NYUAD campus. NYUAD and its government partner developed a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC), which is generally based on UAE law, to reflect and uphold that commitment.

The SCC sets contractual requirements for those companies providing services on the NYUAD campus. These standards address hiring practices, working hours and overtime, accommodations, personal documents, and non-discrimination and protection from harassment.

Providing Opportunities to Grow

The Office of Social Responsibility provides educational and cultural programs for NYUAD contract staff.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Social responsibility initiatives at NYUAD are led by various NYUAD committees, working groups, and community groups. Program offerings include a range of educational programs and workshops.

  • Coursera Courses
  • Art Workshops
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Arabic Pilot Course
  • Well-being Series
  • Career Development Courses
Colleagues from 30 Countries

It was my dream to have an education when I was young but my parents could not afford it and I had to work at an early age [...] It’s really beneficial to gain knowledge for all of us who are interested to learn more, regardless of our age, and status in life.

Lilia Francisco, NYUAD Public Safety

English in the Workplace

The Office of Social Responsibility contracts with the Eton Institute, a globally recognized language teaching institution, in offering internationally accredited English language instruction to our community. To date, a number of contract staff have completed the training.

Serco: 50%; ADNH: 21%; Securitas: 19%; Bright Beginnings: 2%; Domestic Workers: 4%; NYUAD Staff: 1%; Other: 3%

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You help us dream again and to know that it is never too late to start a new life [...] I’m a painter and did not have hope to improve my talent, but now I’m seeing the possibility which enables me.

Deric Ngoran, Serco


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