Global Education and Outreach

Global education is an essential component of NYU Abu Dhabi’s educational mission and curriculum. It is realized through a careful sequence of interrelated academic and intercultural experiences that foster greater intercultural understanding toward social responsibility— globally and locally.  They are designed to advance our students’ ability to:

  • respect, engage, and negotiate difference toward greater common ground and common good;
  • and act with ethical intelligence as responsible, local citizens and leaders in communities they engage in the UAE, abroad, and at home.

Carol Brandt
Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Education and Outreach

As Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Education and Outreach and Vice Provost, Carol Brandt leads the strategic and academic administration for NYUAD’s programs of global education, including Semester Study Abroad, the January Term Program, Summer Programs, Regional Academic Seminars, the Engineers for Social Impact program, Community-based Learning in the UAE, and Student Global Mobility Services.  She has additional responsibility for the Office of Social Responsibility, which provides adult education to the 800 contracted staff at NYUAD as well as the Office of Community Life, which supports faculty, staff, and their families with their acculturation to living in the UAE.

Before coming to NYUAD in 2009, Brandt spent 25 years in teaching and academic administration at The Claremont Colleges, a consortium of selective, liberal arts colleges and graduate schools, where she served as Vice President for International and Special Programs and a member of the faculty of Modern Languages, Literature, and Culture at Pitzer College.

With teaching and research specializations in linguistics and second language acquisition, Brandt developed innovative programs of intercultural and language learning, including a Community-based Spanish program in Ontario, California; the Program in American College English; curricula for the teaching of Shona, Turkish, and Setswana in Pitzer’s study abroad programs; the International Fellows Program for the Peter F. Drucker School of Graduate Management, and the first Summer Language and Culture Institute at the Claremont Colleges.  She was the principal investigator for grants supporting intercultural and community-based learning totaling over $4.5 million from foundations including Mellon, FIPSE, Hewlett Packard, Atlantic Philanthropies, the Housing and Urban Development Department, and the Miyazaki Educational Foundation.

She developed language intensive, field research-oriented study abroad programs in Botswana, China, Ecuador, Wales, Nepal, Japan, Turkey, Italy, and Zimbabwe as well as a biological field station for the study of restoration ecology in Costa Rica.  She has presented extensively at conferences of international education on critical pedagogy, the assessment of intercultural learning, and models of community-based education.

Key People

Aisha Ali

Head of Study Abroad and Student Global Mobility

Gloria Spittel

Assistant Director, Community-based Global Learning

Maryam Albelooshi

Assistant Director, Academic Program, Global Education

Lynn Doiron

Manager of Administration, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Education and Outreach