The Social Sciences for Good

Research in NYU Abu Dhabi social sciences seeks to deepen our understanding of how people behave in a wide variety of contexts and to assess the consequences of humanity’s decisions.

From research on workplace biases to economic development through sustainability, social science seeks to explain and investigate the functioning of society and address the vast array of pressing contemporary issues that affect individual and societal well-being.

Workplace Bias

A new study shows the extent to which discriminatory thinking influences hiring practices in the workplace.

Refugees Prejudice

Self-reflection on ancestor's immigration history can make people more empathetic towards others.

Raised Religious

How does Islam impact the world’s youth in their lives outside the mosque?


I thought it would be an interesting capstone to my career to help this place continue to develop. I had already had so much history with NYUAD. I knew this campus was such an incredible place, and I liked and respected the people. So, I decided to go for it.

Social Sciences Dean Paula England

Social Science Faculty

Our faculty conduct research in a range of topics related to social science and teach classes aimed at empowering students to gain a better understanding of the consequences of humanity’s decisions in a variety of contexts.

Rana Khalid AlMutawa

AlMutawa is an Assistant Professor Emerging Scholar of Social Research and Public Policy. She studies urban ethnography of middle-class citizens and long-term residents in Dubai. Her latest book explores discourses of authenticity that circulate about “spectacular” cities such as Dubai.

Onoso Imoagene

As the Program Head of Social Research and Public Policy, Imoagene's research focuses on international migration and race and ethnicity, with a special focus on first and second generation African immigrants in several national diasporas.

Kangsan Lee

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Kangsan Lee's research looks at transnational status dynamics and organizational cognition between local and global markets, concentrating on fields that experience a rapid environmental shift.


NYU Abu Dhabi will be hosting several events in the coming academic year that explore the research on social science. Here is a selection of some of the talks and presentations that showcase the work at the University.

Conflict Archives and Sexual Violence

December 6-7, 2022
NYUAD Conference Center

This interdisciplinary workshop brings together leading scholars working with testimonies of conflict-related sexual violence in archives across many periods and four continents. 

Alumni Working in Social Science

Our graduates engage deeply, take up intellectual, creative, and research pursuits, and prepare to live a life of purpose and leadership. Many of our students have pursued careers as academics, financial leaders, public policy analysts and more. Their work has taken them all around the world as they pursue their talents in social science. 

Gaurav Pande

Pande was selected for the prestigious Princeton in Africa fellowship beginning in and joined an international infrastructure project development company named eleQtra based in Kampala, Uganda.

Aakriti Ghimire

Aakriti Ghimire graduated with a BA in legal studies and a minor in natural sciences. Currently, she works as a reporter covering social affairs for the Kathmandu Post,

Hannah Kasak-Gliboff

Hannah Kasak-Gliboff graduated with a BA in social research and public policy and a minor in the environment, and now works at a nonprofit that does outreach on solar energy.