Safeyya Alblooshi

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA NYU Abu Dhabi

Research Websites: Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC)

Research Areas: Sound Cultures; Acoustic Ecology; Soundscapes; Sound Art

Safeyya completed her BA in Music from NYU Abu Dhabi with a minor in Interactive Media in 2021. Her Senior Capstone, an immersive multichannel installation Narrated Liquid Contaminants for which she investigated sounds of water contamination and embodied listening, led her further to explore acoustic ecology in the context of the UAE. Safeyya is a Research Assistant at the Music and Sound Cultures Research Group at NYUAD under the Kawader Research Fellowship Program.

Her research interests focus on the urban UAE's sound cultures, environmental soundscapes, and acoustic ecotones. She is currently working on a book manuscript with supplemental audio work that will look into the acoustic ecotones present in the UAE to observe and study while also informing the social and cultural factors that impact the Emirates' daily soundscape(s).