Daniel Ripley

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Msci University of Manchester; PhD University of Manchester

Research Websites: Marine Biology Lab

Research Areas: Ecophysiology, multi-stressor interactions, hypoxia

Dan Ripley is a fish ecophysiologist from the UK who completed his Msci and PhD at The University of Manchester. During his PhD, Ripley studied the consequences of early-life exposure to multi-stressor interactions and how they shape an individual’s physiology across differing timescales. As a Postdoctoral Associate in The Marine Biology Lab, Ripley is working on multiple projects centered around understanding how marine organisms cope in the extreme environmental conditions of the Arabian Gulf. Current projects range from investigating the sub-lethal effects of hypoxia in cryptobenthic fishes to asking how seasonal temperature changes influence the feeding and behavior of echinoderms.