Yaman Garg

Post-Graduation Research Fellow Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BSc NYU Abu Dhabi

Research Areas: Urban Thermodynamics, Thermal CFD simulations, Microclimate data collection, Building Efficiency and Sustainability

Yaman Garg is a Post-Graduation Research Fellow with the CITIES Center for Interacting Urban Networks. Yaman completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi in 2022. He also completed a minor in Urbanization, and his capstone work was focused on autonomous robotics for construction.


Yaman's fellowship research focuses on urban thermodynamic simulations. He is working to develop a methodology for validating CFD microclimate models of arid regions such as the UAE, using the NYUAD campus as the laboratory. The model simulates the campus microclimate, including the thermal comfort, represented by Physiological Equivalent Temperature (PET). The model output will be validated against an extensive set of field measurements using micro-weather stations, contact temperature sensors, IR imagery (stationary and drone), and satellite surface temperature data. Yaman is also working on creating a point cloud model of the exterior of the NYUAD campus, which will be used for homography and better 3D visual representations of thermal data.

The project will help in the reliable prediction of building thermal behavior, which can be used to test novel urban interventions for heat mitigation. This will be essential for cities such as Abu Dhabi to tackle their energy, health, and climate issues affected by temperature.