Sungmin Sohn

Research Fellow, Center for Interacting Urban Networks Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (NYUAD)

Research Areas: Inventory Routing Problem with Drone (Optimization)

Sungmin Sohn is a fellow researcher at CITIES, NYU Abu Dhabi. He is an operational researcher of the inventory routing problem and several other applied optimization problems. His research interests focus on optimization of delivery systems using drones and practical studies of industrial operation research. He is currently working on a synchronized drone and truck delivery system, accompanying the rapid drone developments.

As a fresh graduate of NYU Abu Dhabi with a civil engineering Bachelor's degree, Sungmin Sohn joined CITIES under Professor Ali Diabat's supervision. Based on the knowledge obtained in Professor Diabat's Applied Optimization lecture, he is exploring possible derivatives of operation research that include computer programming. His current main research aims to connect the inventory routing problem with not only the drone but also the preprocessing procedure that includes smart computer programming that is used before solving the problem with a commercial solver.

Current Research

My research aims to investigate the inventory routing problem of synchronized truck and multi-visit allowed drone delivery system (IRP-MD). As a practical extension of the original inventory routing problem with the drone (IRP-D), I relaxed a constraint to allow a drone to be able to visit multiple customers instead of only one after it departs from the truck. I am currently working on examples to show that allowing multi-visit reduces the cost of operation compared to the single-visit drone delivery operation. After relaxing the constraint, I intend to use GAMS to solve the studied IRP-MD.