Marieh Bassam Al-Handawi

Marieh Al-Handawi, Graduate Student, NYUAD

Graduate Student Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS, University Of Sharjah, College of Pharmacy, UAE;

Marieh Al-Handawi is a chemistry graduate student at NYU and NYUAD. She received her Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from the University Of Sharjah, College of Pharmacy, UAE, in Spring 2016. She joined the Naumov group under the direct supervision of Professor Panče Naumov in Fall 2016 as a PhD graduate student. Her general research interests include materials science, supramolecular chemistry, and physical chemistry, and she is particularly interested in the chemistry of bioluminescence. Her current research focuses on self-healing crystals, pathological crystals, and biomineralization.


Coming out of the Cold Chain
Most vaccines need to stay cool when shipped. It’s expensive and not always reliable over long distances or in hot climates. We're working to stop life-saving medicines from spoiling before they reach the people who need them.
NYUAD News | June 27, 2018