Ramadaniyyat رمضانيّات

Monday, April 11 - Sunday, April 17, 2023
NYU Abu Dhabi, East Plaza

On the occasion of Ramadan, NYU Abu Dhabi presents its inaugural edition of Ramadaniyyat, a diverse, week-long series of events ranging from live talks to performances and exhibition tours. 

The program will be hosted jointly by NYUAD’s three public-facing institutions: The Arts Center, The Art Gallery, and The Institute. A suhoor will be served nightly after the events at the East Plaza throughout the week.

CinemaNA: Before We Forget by Nawaf Al Janahi

Contemporary Arab Cinema | FREE
Booking required 

Monday, April 11, 9:30pm
The Blue Hall, The Arts Center 

Film screening and live conversation with Emirati filmmaker Nawaf Al Janahi.  Strangled by debt, a hard-luck man takes the son he can’t support and the father who suffers from memory loss on a road trip to find a buried treasure that could solve all their problems.

Parthenogenesis: Ramin Haerizadeh, Roknni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian

Contemporary Art Exhibition | FREE

Monday, April 11 - Sunday, April 17, 2022 , 2-10pm
The Art Gallery

Originally from Iran, the artist trio, Ramin, Rokni, and Hesam, have adopted the UAE as their home. Parthenogenesis is a testament to the artists’ 13 years in Dubai living and working together, creating a landscape and tapestry of continuously evolving ideas and dialogues with collaborators, artists, and visitors to their home, and offering a deeper insight into their practice rooted in ideas of transformation, play, and collaboration. 

The Steed, the Night and the Desert

Readings of al-Mutannabi’s poetry and distribution of some publications | FREE
Booking required

Wednesday, April 13, 9:30pm
Conference Center, A6

Why do many consider al-Mutannabi the first Arab poet? Why is his poetry still pulsing with life, modernity, uniqueness, and Arabness as if it was written in the recent past? This conversation discusses Dr. Ali bin Tamim's personal experience with al-Mutannabi and the reasons behind his interest of al-Mutannabi's poetry.

Speaker: H.E Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center
In Conversation with: Bilal Orfali, Sheikh Zayed Professor for Arabic and Islamic Studies, American University of Beirut; Senior Research Fellow, Library of Arabic Literature (LAL)

Boom.Diwan x Nduduzo Makhathini x Jean-Michel Pilc

Global Collaboration | AED 150, Youth AED 75, Book online

Thursday, April 14, 9:30pm
The Red Theater, The Arts Center

Khaleeji rhythms and sounds in musical conversation with global jazz

In the spirit of Ramadan, enjoy an evening of music followed by a community suhoor featuring Boom.Diwan (Kuwait/UAE) with Nduduzo Makhathini (South Africa) and Jean-Michel Pilc (France/USA/Canada) that highlights and values the power of dialog for understanding, peace, and resolution.

Simon Shaheen

Internationally acclaimed oud and violin virtuoso dazzles listeners | AED 150, Book online

Friday April 15, 9:30pm
The Red Theater, The Arts Center

In the spirit of Ramadan, enjoy an evening of music followed by a community suhoor featuring one of the most significant Arab musicians of his generation. Simon Shaheen and his band showcase their soaring technique, melodic ingenuity, and unparalleled grace with classical Arabic sounds.

Live Performance: Mirroring Medusa

Meditative performance | FREE, Booking required

Saturday, April 16, 9pm
NYUAD Art Gallery

The works of Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian replicate and mutate through movement, gesture and dance to offer new narratives. The artists invited dancer and choreographer Kiori Kawai to choreograph descriptions for a series of sculptures in the current exhibition, Parthenogenesis

Join us for a special evening of performances by Kiori Kawai and visiting performers Concetta Cariello and Marwan Ghunaim.

Sheikh Zayed Heritage Center Visit

Monday, April 18

The NYUAD community are set for a fascinating look into the life of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, to wrap up our Ramadaniyyat celebrations and in celebration of Zayed Humanitarian Day.

The museum is housed in an Emirati heritage-style village and features photos of Sheikh Zayed with visiting royalty and dignitaries, the late President's cherished vehicles, and gifts he received from all over the world.

Jointly hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi’s three public-facing institutions: