Imagining the Future of the UAE 2071

Participate in designing the next fifty years for the United Arab Emirates

Following the launch by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the “Designing the next 50” project, which underlines the paramount importance of involving the various segments of society in shaping the future of the UAE, the UAE government have rolled out an initiative titled “Imagining and shaping the UAE of the future by 2071.”

Student teams from various academic disciplines are tasked with producing a video or any type of visual production that embodies their aspirations and ideas for the future of the UAE in sectors such as education, economy, and health.

  • Your uploaded visuals should be complemented by a 250-word synopsis, explaining the connection of your project with your vision for the UAE's future.
  • Participants can share one idea or more in the different sectors.

Proposed Themes

Several critical and important themes have been included in support of the national action strategy to prepare for the next 50 years in the UAE. They can be used to design ideas or any other themes that may become a prelude to innovative ideas to establish a comprehensive development plan for the next 50 years.

  • Social and Family Stability
  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine
  • Telemedicine
  • Social and Economic Empowerment of families
  • Emergencies, Crises, and Epidemics Preparedness
  • Food Safety and Healthy Living
  • Medical Research and Innovations
  • Unemployment, Skills Gap, and Labor Market Needs
  • Skills of the Future
  • Economy and Entrepreneurship
  • Public Health and Psychological Wellbeing of Youth
  • Community and Competitive Sports
  • The Future of eSports (Video Games)
  • Preserving Heritage and National Identity

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  • Tolerance and Coexistence
  • Community Bonding
  • Cultural, Creative, Artistic, and Literary Talents
  • Physical, Digital, and Creative Cultural Production
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Cities and Urban Planning
  • Education and Capacity Building
  • Food Security
  • Safety and Security
  • Digital Economy
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Communications Sector

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