Oddisee, the celebrated Sudanese-American conscious rapper influenced by the jazz, funk, and go-go music of his DC area roots, performs with DJ Unown. The UAE’s electrifying Afro-Sudanese singer-songwriter Jindi will open the show. Warm-up DJ set by DJ Katt.

Long celebrated as a deep-thinking emcee who delivers a masterclass in lyricism, Oddisee explores human ambition, posing the question: “How far are you willing to go, and why?” Drawing from the stark inequity he experienced early in life, Oddisee tackles the human condition with unwavering conviction and candor, merging elements of jazz, funk, and go-go of his DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) roots into his hip-hop-rooted production. Instead of pursuing record deals and executives, Oddisee has taken the less-traveled path. Streamlining elements of the industry early on, from single-handedly recording, producing, and mixing his music to steering his marketing strategy and tour runs.

The show will open with Jindi, who dives deep into the sounds of “AfroSudanese,” a subgenre of music that mixes Afrobeat with Sudanese dialect and instrumentation. With a storytelling element in every song, Jindi’s ability to cut across different cultures is unmatched, as he mixes different genres from funk to dancehall to Afrobeat in music that connects globally. The performance features music from Jindi’s upcoming album, Reign & Fire.

This event is presented in association with Sole and LAMATNA.

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