Cutting-edge electronic music, video and sound art, and improvisation

Themed AmbiNoise, the 4th edition of ElectroFest features an immersive one-day experience celebrating the UAE’s rich tapestry of electronic music. Tailored for those with an ear for experimental and electronic genres, as well as those with a keen curiosity, AmbiNoise serves as a gathering point for musicians to converge and share their distinctive sounds. The event promises a diverse sonic journey featuring a harsh noise project, a corrupted lecture performance, drone music, ambient compositions, and manipulated field recordings, among others. By transcending the boundaries of the typical nightlife setting, AmbiNoise aims to uncover and spotlight the unconventional facets of electronic music that flourish beyond conventional spaces.

ElectroFest spotlights local artists who, while not necessarily tied to the conventional nightlife circuit, contribute significantly to the UAE’s vibrant electronic music landscape. The lineup features a dynamic mix of performers, ranging from those with established visibility within the scene to hidden gems maintaining a lower profile.

Join us for a day of exploration and collaboration on the possibilities of electronic music in the UAE, and support the local scene and performing artists by purchasing their music and merchandise at a dedicated stall throughout the duration of the event, supported by UAE-based independent cassette-focused micro-label Analog Amigo Records.

Artist lineup to be announced.

Curated by
  • Safeya Alblooshi

In Collaboration with

NYUAD Music Program

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