Venezuelan Afro-Soul ‘Tambor’- a spirit-shaking percussion and voice celebration. The UAE’s Liwa Maritime Ensemble opens with a performance of Emirati cultural heritage.

Betsayda Machado and La Parranda el Clavo take audiences on a cultural musical journey through deep spiritual sounds to highly festive songs from the coast of Venezuela, featuring genres such as Parranda, Tambores de San Millán, Cantos de Sirena, and Tambores de Tarma.

Elevated polyphonic melodies and call and response chants are layered on propulsive traditional drums, naturally sourced from the region including Quitiplás (bamboo hand drums), Culo e’puyas (set of three elongated drums played with hands and sticks), Paila, Cumaco, Furruco, Charrasca, and Maracas.

  • Betsayda Machad, Voice
  • Adrián Gómez, Voice, percussion
  • Oscar Ruiz , Voice, percussion
  • Nereida Machado, Voice, percussion, dance
  • Youse Cardozo, Percussion
  • Blanca Castillo, Percussion
  • Asterio Betancourt , Percussion
  • Nelson Gomez, Percussion, dance
  • José G Gomez, Percussion, voice, dance

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