Join us for an engaging evening with Francisco Goldman, a distinguished and multi-award-winning author renowned for his remarkable contributions to both fiction and nonfiction literature. In this captivating talk, Goldman delves into the pages of his latest novel, Monkey Boy, a literary masterpiece celebrated by The New Yorker critic James Woods for its infusion of rebellious comedy and vitality. As a natural-born storyteller, Goldman will take you on a journey through his witty, intimate, and sarcastically all-knowing narrative style, offering insights into his creative process and the intriguing world he has crafted. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the literary prowess of Francisco Goldman as he shares excerpts and anecdotes from Monkey Boy in a thought-provoking discussion.

  • Francisco Goldman, Acclaimed Author of "Monkey Boy" (Grove Press, 2021); Journalist and Literary Figure

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NYU Abu Dhabi Arts and Humanities

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