Presenting two captivating works by director Ursula Biemann, explore the profound connections of Indigenous communities to their natural environments.

In the enthralling oceanic journey titled "Acoustic Ocean," we are transported to the Arctic Islands of Lofoten. Here, a scientist delves into the realm of acoustic ecology, probing the mysteries of the oceans and forging connections across species. The film's poetic portrayal invites us to contemplate the ocean's hidden symphony—replete with nascent life forms, imaginative interconnections, and the evolution of the planetary ecosystem. Through this science-fictional lens, Ursula Biemann unveils the intricate tapestry that binds life beneath the waves.

[Director: Ursula Biemann | Norway | 2018 | 18 mins | English]

Continuing our voyage, "Forest Mind" unveils an intricate narrative woven in collaboration with the Indigenous Inga community of the Amazonian forests in southern Colombia. Ursula Biemann's enduring partnership with this community gives rise to an Indigenous university, emerging as a testament to Indigenous wisdom. From the profound intelligence of plants to the sentient consciousness of the territory, the film deftly entwines diverse research strands. Rooted in both scientific and shamanic perspectives, "Forest Mind" champions an eco-centric worldview, bridging the realms of empirical knowledge and ancient wisdom. Through this cinematic creation, the NYUAD Institute bridges disparate ways of comprehending our Earth.

[Director: Ursula Biemann | Switzerland | 2021 | 31 mins | English]

Screenings followed by Q&A with the film director Ursula Biemann

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