Uncovering the Underlying Structure of the Universe


WHEN January 10, 2023
6:30-8 PM WHERE NYUAD Campus, Conference Center WHO NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Open to the Public

The apparent order of the universe from microscopic sizes to the cosmic distances relies on an intricate internal structure that often defies common intuition. Despite its complexity, this structure is highly constrained by physical principles formulated by physicists during the past few hundred years. This talk highlights how physicists have reached our current understanding of the universe, all the way from the idea that everything is composed of tiny vibrating strings, to how black holes defy space and time to preserve information, and to the profound reasons for why the universe around us is incredibly huge.

  • Cumrun Vafa, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Harvard University
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed, Theoretical Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Juan Maldacena, Theoretical Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study
In conversation with
  • Ahmed Almheiri, Assistant Professor of Physics, NYUAD

In Collaboration with

UAE Space Agency
NYUAD Science Division

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