Large-scale disruptions to everyday life due to the pandemic have had a substantial impact on transportation systems and supply chains worldwide. The changes in travel behavior will persist as the world resumes pre-pandemic operations. In tandem, digital and physical technologies that have a direct impact on transportation systems have continued to grow. The 6 th NYUAD Transportation Symposium will provide a forum for learning about recent developments in transport economics, travel behavior,, and transport technologies, with the aim of addressing the challenges resulting from major disruptions, as well as the emergence of new technologies and data sources.

6th NYUAD Transportation Symposium PDF brochure

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  • Morning Session Theme 1

    Travel behavior and Demand Modeling

    Moderated by Samer Madanat, NYUAD Dean of Engineering

    Time Presentations
    9-915am Arlie Petters, NYUAD Provost
    Welcome Remarks
    9:15-10am Joan Walker, UC Berkeley
    Moving from Citations to Collective Wisdom in Travel Demand Research
    Abdul Rawoof Pinjari, Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
    Methods for simultaneous identification of various sources of variability in travel choice models
    10:45-11am Coffee Break
    11-11:45am Maya Abou Zeid, American University of Beirut (AUB)
    Analyzing Distraction while Driving using Driving Simulation, Physiological Sensors, and Eye Tracking
    11:45am-12:30pm Jonas Eliasson,  Linköping University (LiU)
    Pricing parking: cost-benefit analysis, optimal pricing and a Stockholm case study
    12:30-1:30pm LUNCH
    Institute Conference Center, Meeting Room Foyer

    Afternoon Session Theme 2

    Advanced Technology in Transportation

    Moderated by Saif Eddin Jabari, Associate Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering NYUAD

    Time Presentations by
    1:30-2:15pm Steven Travis Waller, Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden)
    How We Move into the Future: Automated Transport Planning that Leverages Pervasive Data and Evolutionary Algorithms for Human Centric Mobility
    2:15-3pm Hwasoo Yeo, KAIST
    Urban Trajectory Analytics: Emerging Trends  and AI-based Applications
    Coffee Break
    Institute Conference Center, Meeting Room Foyer

    3:15-4pm Hans Van Lint, TU Delft
    How Predictable is Road Traffic?
    4-4:45pm Yaser Hawas, The German University in Cairo
    Evaluation of real-time route guidance in inter-vehicular communication urban networks
    4:45-5pm Closing

In Collaboration with

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

Convened by
Samer Madanat

Dean of Engineering, NYUAD
Monica Menendez
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs; Director of the Research Center for Interacting Urban Networks (CITIES); Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering
Saif Jabari
Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering, NYUAD

Conference Management & Logistics:
Nada Hariz
Conference Management & Logistics
Engineering Administrative Team,Conference Support

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