Scientific and Technological Advancement through Materials and Chemicals Design


WHEN May 10, 2022
4-5 PM WHERE NYU Abu Dhabi Conference Center (A6) Part of "Global Perspectives in Science Lecture Series" WHO NYUAD Science Division By Invitation Interested scholars please contact

Many of the products that have led to advancement in our world today have come through the discovery of new materials and new chemicals. In the past, the discovery for these new compounds came through laborious trial-and-error or serendipity. In recent times, however, there is a drive to make systematic searches using high-throughput methods and, even more recently, by the use of Machine Learning (ML) methods from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In this discussion, Omololu Akin-Ojo will present efforts in Africa, especially at the ICTP East Africa Institute for Fundamental Research (EAIFR) Kigali Rwanda in the use of ML and other systematic methods to search for new materials and chemicals. Specifically, their work in the search for new superconducting materials, new catalysts for water splitting, and new catalysts for the production of useful products (hydrogen and methanol) from methane gas will be presented. How this work fits into their strategies for the development of fundamental research in EAIFR Rwanda, a hub for Physics in Africa, will also be briefly discussed.

Global Perspectives in Science Lecture Series

The Division of Science is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural Global Perspectives in Science Lecture Series. As part of our ongoing commitment to achieving diversity and excellence in STEM, we are inviting leading scholars from underrepresented backgrounds; from fields of expertise currently unexplored at NYU Abu Dhabi; or from regions or institutions that lay outside our existing networks, to share their world-class research, academic journeys, personal stories, and pioneering achievements.

Open and accessible to everyone within the Division of Science and beyond, the overarching aims of the lecture series are to expand our existing connections, encourage new conversations and collaborations, and introduce new ideas and fresh perspectives into our thinking and our work.

  • Omololu Akin-Ojo, Director, ICTP East Africa Institute for Fundamental Research (EAIFR), University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda
Hosted by
  • Marta Losada, Dean of Science; Professor of Physics, NYU Abu Dhabi

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