Contemporary dance embodies Arabic poetry through body, language, and music.

Rhyme invites the awareness of Arabic heritage and culture through an artistic lens, drawing from Arabic poetry, oriental music, and contemporary dance. Staged through an exchange of narration, where bodies and music are the main reflection of Arabic poetry, the piece uses the universal language of music and movement to break any possible linguistic barrier.

Set to Arabic poetry, the piece makes use of this wonderful linguistic form that reflects many powerful and meaningful images and is naturally correlated with musicality and rhythm. The beauty of the intrinsic rhythm, rhyme, letters, and music of the poetry all play a massive role in showcasing the concept of the performance, which utilizes the visual nature of the theater as a poetic page. The performance features live vocals by Mostafa Aldelrady and Lama Mossalam (also a current member of The Arts Center’s Numoo Artist Development Platform).

World Premiere — commissioned by The Arts Center expanding on a piece originally created for Expo 2020 Dubai

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