The Dragonfly Mission to Titan


WHEN February 23, 2021
5 PM WHERE Zoom Webinar WHO Center for Space Science Open to the Public

Saturn's giant moon Titan has been revealed to be remarkably Earth-like, with a landscape of vast dunefields, river channels and lakes under a smoggy sky punctuated by methane downpours. Titan serves as a frigid laboratory in which the same processes that shape our own planet can be seen in action under exotic conditions. Titan has a rich inventory of complex organic molecules that may provide clues how the building blocks of life are assembled. NASA recently selected APL's Dragonfly mission concept as the next $1B-class New Frontiers mission to launch in 2027, to arrive in the mid-2030s. Dragonfly is an octocopter lander, able to repeatedly take off and fly tens of kilometers in Titan's dense atmosphere and low gravity to sample the surface in a wide range of geological settings. This presentation will describe the mission and how analog environments like the Arabian desert can inform us about the landscapes and processes Dragonfly will explore.

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  • Ralph Lorenz, John Hopkins University

In Collaboration with

UAE Space Agency

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