Solar, stellar, and planetary physics are among the most exciting contemporary topics in astrophysics, aided significantly by recently acquired high-quality observations from space and advances in computation and theory. The Center for Space Science at NYUAD aims to bring together internationally recognized practitioners in these areas to discuss cutting-edge developments. Representatives from the UAE academic and space sectors will also participate, and developing a means of collaboration will be an important focus of the meeting. This workshop is the second in a series of international meetings organized by the Center for Space Science at NYUAD, the first was Future Directions in Heliophysics.

  • Speakers

    • Randa Asad (Sharjah)
    • Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA)
    • Maria Bergemann (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)
    • Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard (Aarhus University)
    • Cilia Damiani (MPS)
    • Magali Deleuil (Marseille)
    • Mausumi Dikpati (HAO Boulder)
    • Ian Dobbs-Dixon (NYUAD)
    • Laurent Gizon (MPS and NYUAD)
    • Nidhal Guessoum (Univ Sharjah)
    • Shravan Hanasoge (TIFR Mumbai and NYUAD)
    • Hideyuki Hotta (Chiba University)
    • Ioannis Kourakis (Khalifa University of Science and Technology)
    • Laura Kreidberg (Harvard)
    • John Leibacher (NSO Tucson and IAS Orsay)
    • Doug Lin (UCSC)
    • Nathan Mayne (Exeter)
    • Aake Nordlund (Niels Bohr Institute)
    • Olivier Pauluis (NYU and NYUAD)
    • Ravi Samtaney (KAUST)
    • Joerg Schumacher (TU Ilmenau)
    • Hannah Schunker (MPS)
    • Federico Spada (MPS)
    • Jim Stone (IAS Princeton)
    • KR Sreenivasan (NYU and NYUAD)
    • Jeroen Tromp (Princeton University)
    • Stephane Udry (Geneva Observatory)
    • John Wettlaufer (Yale University)

Organized by
  • Muataz Al Barwani, New York University Abu Dhabi
  • Ian Dobbs-Dixon, New York University Abu Dhabi
  • Laurent Gizon, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research and New York University Abu Dhabi
  • Shravan Hanasoge, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and New York University Abu Dhabi
  • K.R. Sreenivasan, CSS PI, New York University New York
Hosted by
  • Center for Space Science, NYU Abu Dhabi

The Center for Space Science at the NYUAD Institute is setting up a world-class research and outreach program in solar, stellar and exoplanet science. In addition to being a hub of intellectual activity within NYUAD, the Center intends to be a significant resource in supporting one of UAE's Innovation Priority Sectors, space. 

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