Innovation After Moore’s Law: The Technology Needed for Your Next Smartphone


WHEN November 17, 2019
6:30-8 PM WHERE NYUAD Campus, Conference Center WHO NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Open to the Public

Gordon Moore observed that the number of circuits that can be placed on a computer chip doubles every two years. His observation, dubbed Moore’s Law, has served the electronics industry well. In recent years, however, progress has been curtailed by delays in the release of new technologies, skyrocketing chip development costs, and rapidly approaching physical limits. While this may seem worrisome to technologists and designers who have spent their careers riding the productivity wave that Moore’s Law created, it simultaneously offers opportunities for innovation, architecture, manufacturing, and ultimately new products. This talk considers the current state of chip technology, how we got here, and most importantly where we might go next. 

  • Rob Aitken, Fellow & Director of Technology, Arm Research
Hosted by
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

In Collaboration with

The Center for Cyber Security (CCS) at NYUAD

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