Critically acclaimed, martial arts influenced contemporary dance from Korea with two performances back to back; Judo and Balance & Imbalance.

Pattern and variables as inspired by judo. Aggression, the human instinct, stays inside of us and continuously needs the exit. Sports have been developed for the chance of emitting the violent urges. This kinetic piece embodies symbolic meaning of sports by harmonious image of rhythm, movements and space.

Sports are also a tool for releasing aggression, provoking catharsis to overcome physical limitations. Judo’s choreography, which is performed on an actual stadium mat, uses various movements of sport to draw in the audience, and bring them closer to the tension, catharsis, and immersive feeling of the game.

Balance & Imbalance
Body movements and sounds are the oldest and most basic tools for human beings to express themselves. Focused on these “body movements and sounds”, Bereishit present themselves and communicate with others.

In this work, accompanied by a live pansori (Korean shamanistic music) ensemble, Bereishit looks into “the sound made by the body, the movements made from the sound.” Body, which perceives us and others, makes sounds, and through this process the relationship with others is circulated and expanded by repeating balance and imbalance. In the right center of this, there is excitement created by the body movements and sounds.

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