Ubiquity of electronic devices—mostly smart ones with electronic chips embedded in them—is attributed to the desire to improve the quality of our lives, but can we really trust these chips? Driven by cost-conscious consumer electronics, outsourcing of various crucial steps in chip design and fabrication is forcing chip designers and users to re-assess their trust in hardware. Chips are increasingly prone to hardware-level threats such as reverse engineering, counterfeiting, Intellectual Property (IP) piracy, and malicious tampering (i.e., hardware trojans).

This talk covers various forms of threats that the electronic chip supply chain is up against as well as defenses that the research community has developed, including recent efforts from NYU Abu Dhabi to design a prototype—the first chip resilient to hardware-level threats due to its built-in defense at the hardware-level.

Image: NYUAD


  • Ozgur Sinanoglu, Associate Dean of Engineering for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NYUAD
Hosted by
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

In Collaboration with

Center for Cyber Security

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