Women’s entrepreneurship has been identified as an increasingly important contributor to economic growth and welfare. As part of its efforts to promote female leadership and empowerment, the Women’s Leadership Network at NYUAD is looking forward to hosting a conference, called “Women Empowered: Transnational Youth Entrepreneurship.” The conference will focus on bringing together professionals, students, faculty and community members, and women groups in the UAE to celebrate their identity, share experiences and learn from our professional backgrounds. Centered on the idea that today’s cosmopolitan world pushes people beyond their boundaries and comfort zone, which further opens up opportunities for women in foreign lands to collaborate on entrepreneurial ventures, the conference aims to build across difference and highlight the common ground that all transnational women entrepreneurs have. The conference promises to be a motivating, educational and social experience for all.

Overall, this conference aims to:

> Provide a forum for women to reflect on their professional experiences in the UAE and abroad.

> Provide a platform for young women to glean education from the more expert women entrepreneurs in the sphere.

> Reframe obstacles due to gender, race or culture as opportunities for advancement and creativity in school or in the professional life.

> Bring together students and women professionals in the NYUAD/UAE community for networking opportunities.

With one of the most diverse student bodies, NYUAD is the perfect place to start conversations about female entrepreneurship and explore the topic through panels and workshops. In collaboration with Weyakum, we are proud to present Noor Shamma, a Weyakum Emirati Star, as one of the speakers in the line-up. She will be joined by Nour Al-Hassan, Founder, and CEO of Tarjamma, and Victoria Blinova, a graduate of NYUAD.  

Join us for this full day of inspirational speakers, self-discovery, and skill-building, group discussions, and movie/documentary screenings. It will be a unique opportunity for you to challenge your thinking, draw from your peers’ leadership journeys and network with each other.


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